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Cosmetic Periodontal Procedures

Cosmetic Periodontal Procedures Dentist Woodland HillsSome patients have beautiful teeth and a disproportionate amount of gum tissue, giving the appearance of a “gummy smile”. The excess tissue may grow over a portion of the tooth, making teeth appear small, significantly detracting from the drama of a beautiful smile. We can fix that. Gum recontouring or gum lifting. Dr. Solow uses a specialized laser to sculpt the gum tissue which has grown too far over the surface of the tooth.

Gum recontouring is a short, safe, and comfortable procedure, most often performed on front teeth. Using a mild anesthetic, a soft-tissue diode laser is then used to gently remove excessive tissue while re-sculpting the gum line. Stitches are not required since laser sculpting does not create bleeding

The laser immediately seals the newly sculpted tissue, eliminating the need for sutures and at the same time, killing any bacteria present. While the gums may be slightly swollen or tender for up to a week, most patients leave our office and return to their daily activities immediately,

There are occasionally cases where the amount of gum tissue is too great to be reduced by a laser. In those instances, our Periodontist , Dr. Donna Klauser, can offer a surgical approach to reduce the appearance of an excessively “gummy smile.”

To learn more about this procedure and whether it is appropriate for you, just ask us. We are happy to review all options to give you the smile of your dreams.

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