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    Dental Cleaning (Prophylaxis)

    Dental Cleaning Service Woodland Hills DentistDon’t you just love that “clean teeth” feeling? Did you know that your regular dental cleaning is one of the most important elements in maintaining your overall dental health? Or are you one who tends to avoid that cleaning and check up because dental visits are just not fun? Our goal is for you to be proud of your smile and to promote good habits so you can maintain great dental health. And try to add an element of fun!

    We are serious about clean teeth. Our cleaning appointments are one full hour long. This extra time allows our experienced dental hygienists to review your medical history and identify issues which may impact your dental health. There is time to assess periodontal health as well. It’s a personal visit, with a personal approach intended to address your personal concerns. Questions? We welcome and encourage them. Our cleaning visits are much more than a quick polish to remove your coffee stains. (Although we do that, too.)

    What is your hygienist really doing/thinking while picking away at your teeth?

    All of us (even those who brush and floss obsessively) have bacteria that live in the mouth and said bacteria combines with food particles to form “plaque,” a film on the surface of the teeth. Plaque ignored can develop into deposits (“tartar”) that harden above and below the gum line potentially causing the loss of supporting structures leading to eventual tooth loss.

    1. Your hygienist is diligently removing plaque both above and below the gumline;
    2. Polishing those clean teeth;
    3. Recording the depth of the spaces between teeth and gums or pocket depth, an assessment of periodontal health;
    4. (and finally) Taking necessary x-rays.

    I’m convinced. How often do I need my teeth cleaned?

    We look forward to your visit! We’d love to see you every month (lol) but that’s not necessary (or recommended) to maintain great oral health. For most patients, every six is appropriate. But if you are prone to dental issues, especially periodontal conditions, or the condition of your general health and/or prescribed medications impact oral health, more frequent visits, very three or four months, may prevent bigger health concerns.

    And of course, expect that we will remind you to brush and floss at least twice a day.