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Sedation Dentistry

We think we are compassionate, kind, and sometimes fun to visit. Shocking as it might seem, while we strive to perform your dental treatment efficiently and with as little discomfort as possible, some of our patients find that they are too anxious to enjoy their time with us. For a few, it actually scares them.

As professionals, our goal is to strive to perform your dental treatment efficiently while achieving a great result and keeping you as comfortable as possible throughout the process. However, some patients experience stress at the thought of a simple diagnostic visit to a dentist and the anxiety of undergoing treatments feels insurmountable.

At Warner Center Cosmetic Dental we can address those fears with the addition of IV (Intravenous) sedation service. Dentistry with IV Sedation, as practiced by our experienced team, allows you to experience a calming sleep through your dental treatment. You awake just minutes after the procedure is completed.

IV Sedation can be an excellent choice for patients who:

  • Have low pain thresholds
  • Experience high anxiety in the dental office
  • Have difficulty sitting still
  • Have strong gag reflexes
  • Seek to complete multiple dental procedures in one visit

Leave Sedation Dentistry to Our Specialists

Sedation Dentistry Woodland HillsAt Warner Center Cosmetic Dental, the providing dentists are fully licensed in sedation administration, avoiding the extra cost and inconvenience of requiring a third party sedation specialist for your procedure. We simply introduce the medication intravenously, and within seconds the relaxing, calming effects take hold and you drift off to a light sleep while your dental work is completed.

Sedation dentistry using IV Sedation is available for all types of dental services, from cleanings to crowns, extractions, root canals, dental implants, and more. Since the sedation is administered in our office by our own skilled and licensed professionals, no extra preparation is needed.

You can expect to leave our facility soon after your dental services are concluded. Since medications we use will impair your ability to drive. We require that you have someone else present to drive you home.

We take the concerns of our patients very seriously”, says Dr. Robert Solow. “Particularly those who feel anxious about their dental experience. Our Sedation Dentistry service enables you to receive dental care in an environment that is personalized to help you feel relaxed and reassured.

Soothing and Safe Sedation Dentistry

The advantages of utilizing IV Sedation for your next dental visit to Warner Center Cosmetic Dental are many, including:

  • IV administered in the office
  • Offers a more relaxing and soothing alternative for anxious patients
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Availability for any type of dental procedure

Sedation dentistry has been offered in dental offices for many years and has long been considered to be a safe anesthetic alternative for those who feel that they need the extra support. Side effects are few; the most common side effects can be dry mouth or possibly hiccups, which usually last just a few minutes.

Understanding Your Options for Sedation Dentistry

Warner Center Cosmetic Dental welcomes your questions about Sedation Dentistry using IV Sedation. We will be happy to explain all aspects of it to you, as well as discuss costs. Specifically, we would want to develop a plan which minimizes the number of visits required to complete your treatment.

We want you to be as comfortable visiting our office as we are in taking care of you. We hope to reduce, not increase, your level of “dental stress.” Ask about Sedation Dentistry using IV Sedation and how Dr. Solow and the Warner Center Cosmetic Dental team can provide that option for you.

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