Meet Woodland Hills Dentist Robert Solow

Dr. Robert Solow is a Los Angeles area transplant and very happy to be here. Born in Bronx, New York and educated in the state of Michigan, his first introduction to California came as a result of a New Year’s Day bowl game. It made a lasting impression. Following college at the University of Michigan, a brief stint as a chemical engineer in Ohio and dental school at the University of Detroit, he returned to California permanently and never turned back.

Over the years, Dr. Solow has remained true to his engineer roots by his enthusiastic embrace of new technology. As a patient in Dr. Solow’s office, your favorite television show (watched chair-side) may be interrupted so you can see your own digital x-ray. With the use of a laser, you can experience whiter teeth in about an hour. His latest addition is one appointment dentistry, made possible through the use of a computer driven dental system (Cerec) which fabricates porcelain crowns, inlays, onlays and even veneers. You can watch your own restoration being prepared through a glass window if you choose.

Dr. Solow’s staff takes pride in communicating with patients, developing strong relationships, which maximizes dental health and treatment results. Since most of the dental team has been associated with Dr. Solow for years, you can be assured of continuity in your dental care. Dr. Solow welcomes you to visit his office!

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