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Dental Implants

Dental Implants Woodland Hills Cosmetic DentistThe advent of dental implants and refinements achieved over the years substantially reduces the impact and “fear factor” of living with missing teeth or losing a tooth as a result of an injury. Regardless of the reason for the loss (decay, periodontal disease, congenitally missing teeth, or injury) implants can provide an excellent solution, both aesthetically and for the overall health of your mouth. Rather than dentures or a bridge, dental implants offer reliable performance that is more natural, both in appearance and in function. Our expert team, led by Dr. Robert Solow, can provide implant placement, replacing a single tooth to a more extensive replacement, up to full mouth reconstruction, including the use of the “All-on-4” technique.

The placement of implants, utilizing durable porcelain and titanium, is efficient and designed for long-term usage of several decades or longer.

Dental implants offer a variety of advantages:

  • Creation of aesthetically pleasing appearance
  • Protection and preservation of the jaw bone and surrounding healthy teeth
  • Implants do not decay
  • Resistance to infection
  • Extremely strong and durable

Dental Implants Offer a Universal Solution

Most adults who are in good general health are excellent candidates for dental implants. Older age is not a barrier to successful restoration with dental implants. In fact, implants are particularly beneficial for older patients because they eliminate the inconvenience and potential trauma to healthier teeth of removable appliances. In addition, implants are more easily maintained than removable restorations.

Since implants are placed into the jaw bone, younger patients must delay until full bone development has been achieved. We can craft interim solutions until the timing for placement is right.

In choosing Warner Center Cosmetic Dental for your dental implants you may anticipate a great outcome. We utilize Plasma Rich Factor (PRF) technology, a procedure in which we centrifuge your own blood to create a membrane that is placed around your bone and implant to support the body’s natural healing action. During this process, your platelet cells are placed in the surgical site and do their work as healing agents. Through PRF, our patients experience a high success rate. We are proud to stand behind the quality of our work and the results produced.

Amazingly Natural Dental Implants

Dental implants look and function similarly to natural teeth. You can chew your favorite foods, even steak, and corn-on-the-cob. Caring for your implants requires some diligence in that you’ll need to be extra compliant in following recommended oral hygiene strategies.

When you leave our Woodland Hills dental office with your dental implant(s) in place, you will feel as if you have gained new confidence, secure in your new smile, and without the functional restrictions you may have experienced in the past.

Concierge Service for Your Dental Implants

At Warner Center Cosmetic Dental, implants are a team effort and you can look forward to concierge service, as most services, including lab technicians, are housed within our facility. No need to stress over post-procedure concerns or discomfort because we offer direct access to the doctor’s personal cell phone number to answer the questions you may not have anticipated or which may arise after you leave our office. No annoying answering service.

For some of our patients, dental implants to address long-standing dental issues are a given and an easy decision. For others, it is a more measured, occasionally traumatic decision. We understand and will work with you. At Warner Center Cosmetic Dental our goal is to offer you peace of mind as well as outstanding care. We are happy to sit down and discuss the treatment alternatives for you which incorporate both your restorative treatment needs and esthetic objectives.

If you have dental insurance, your policy may offer coverage of a portion of the costs. At Warner Center Cosmetic Dental, we will work with you to achieve success with your new dental implants and offer real value, today and in the years to come.

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