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Full, Permanent Restoration

All on Four Therapy Woodland Hills Cosmetic DentistIf you have a severe periodontal disease—or if many of your teeth are missing or damaged – Dr. Solow may recommend extraction of your remaining teeth. The All-on-4® treatment method provides an aesthetic appearance by creating a full set of implant-supported permanent teeth at the time of extraction. Not only does it bring back the beauty of your smile, but it also returns function to your bite.

Because All-on-4® is a specialized treatment, patients benefit from working with an oral surgeon who has extensive experience in the procedure. For this reason, Dr. Solow coordinates care with Dr. Robert Hale. An expert certified by the American Board of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, Dr. Hale has been in practice since 1989 and has held several leadership positions at Northridge Hospital Medical Center. In his care, you can expect a patient-focused experience and a high-quality outcome.

Understanding All-on-4®

The All-on-4® procedure, which uses strategically placed dental implants to support a complete, fixed arch restoration, could be an excellent solution for you. With All-on-4®, the oral surgeon extracts the teeth and places four or more implants in each dental arch at specific locations and angles. These implants anchor the full set of replacement teeth that Dr. Solow places during this surgical procedure.

All-on-4® is an excellent alternative for patients who might otherwise have to use conventional dentures. Unlike dentures, which can cause discomfort and may lack stability when you eat or speak, implant-supported restorations are fixed in place. They fit comfortably in your mouth and offer functionality similar to your original teeth.

Why All-on-4®?

All-on-4® implants offer many different advantages over other treatment methods:

  • Over time, your mouth loses bone in the area of missing teeth. This can weaken your jawbone and, in some cases, prematurely age your face’s appearance. Dental implants help to preserve the bone.
  • All-on-4® dental implants provide you with an extremely durable, stable and comfortable restoration. You can chew and smile just like you can with your natural teeth.
  • Traditional dentures tend to shift, can impact speech and may limit the things you can eat. Implants do not produce these effects.

In short, All-on-4® dental implants can provide you with a restoration that not only feels comfortable but looks more like your own teeth and functions more naturally.

Our Approach to All-on-4®

Dr. Solow and Dr. Hale both customize their approach to care, based on the needs and preferences of their patients. However, here is the general approach you can expect with All-on-4® treatment:

  • Preparing the Restoration – Dr. Solow will design a fixed restoration to replace your teeth, over several visits to his office. Taking the time to get the design right helps your new teeth look as natural, and fit as comfortably, as possible.
  • Placing Implants – When the restoration is ready, you will have an appointment with both Dr. Hale and Dr. Solow. Dr. Hale will extract your remaining teeth and place the implants. In the same visit, Dr. Solow will attach the restoration. Most patients sleep through the procedure, under general anesthesia. By the end of the appointment, you will have a new and complete set of teeth.
  • Healing and Strengthening – The jawbone will bond with the implants over the next 6 months. During that time, we advise patients to stick to a softer diet, limit alcohol and not smoke.
  • Receiving the Permanent Restoration – Once your implants have healed, Dr. Solow will design and place a permanent restoration at his office. That will complete the process, and you will be ready to enjoy a completely restored set of teeth!

Common Questions About All-on-4®

What can I expect following the procedure?

You may feel some discomfort after the extraction and implant procedures. Dr. Solow and Dr. Hale will offer measures to improve your experience during recovery. It is important to allow adequate time for healing (typically, one week).

Is All-on-4® expensive?

Our practice can discuss payment, insurance and financing options to make your treatment more affordable. All-on-4® tends to be one of the more expensive treatments because of its upfront costs, but because it is a durable and lasting solution, you may experience significant cost savings over the years, compared to treatments that require frequent replacement and retreatment.

Is All-on-4® fast?

In one sense, All-on-4® is extremely fast; you receive a full set of upper and lower teeth in a single visit. The entire process, however, requires several months to reach completion. Some of our patients also need bone grafts and other pre-implant procedures, which add to the timeline. Despite this staged approach, the short- and long-term advantages of All-on-4® make the journey worthwhile for many of our patients.

If your teeth require a complete restoration, learn more about All-on-4®. Schedule an appointment in the Woodland Hills and Calabasas area with Dr. Solow online or by phone at (818) 999-0104.

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