I am so thankful for Dr. Solow. My family has been going to him regularly for about 25 years. I have had other dental procedures done by other dentists, but Dr. Solow is by far the most gentle with painful procedures. I recently had an accident where I chipped half of my front tooth, and it was on a day his office was closed. I left a message, and minutes later he gave me a call and opened his office for me just to fix my smile. He genuinely cares about how great my smile looks, and he goes out of his way to be there for me during emergencies. I choose to go to Dr. Solow because he treats me like family and he is an honest man. Also, he has done an amazing job on my mom’s veneers, and I cannot wait for him to do mine. Dana, his secretary, is an insurance wizard. Dana will always do whatever she can to make Dr. Solow’s dental expertise affordable for college students like myself. His hygienists are very friendly and they build close relationships with their clients. Every 6 months I go in for a cleaning, they all remember me and it is almost like no time has passed. Unlike most people, I don’t dread going to the dentist because he makes everything as painless and pleasant as possible. He also is wonderful with children, and he always gave me prizes, toys, and stickers every time I went as a child. If you want a great dentist who is truly passionate about what he does and genuinely cares about his patients and is considerate about the pain they experience, Dr. Solow is the best option for you.

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