Straight and even teeth are part of what makes a great smile. If you are concerned about the alignment of your teeth, or your child’s teeth Invisalign® may be the solution. An alternative to braces, Invisalign provides a less obtrusive, more comfortable, and removable option for straightening teeth.

Dr. Robert M. Solow offers Invisalign to Woodland Hills and Calabasas patients to improve the aesthetics of their smile. As a general dentist, he can supplement treatment with cosmetic services, such as teeth whitening and dental veneers, as well as cleanings and other oral health services.

Dr. Solow has extensive experience in a wide variety of treatments, including Invisalign. He works with both adolescents and adults who want straight and healthy teeth, providing them with expert guidance, a gentle approach, and effective outcomes.

Understanding Invisalign

invisalign woodland hillsInvisalign is a teeth straightening solution that uses no metal, brackets, or wires. Dr. Solow provides a series of clear, customized plastic aligners that patients wear every day. Because they are transparent, thin, and conform to the teeth, the aligners are nearly unnoticeable.

Patients may be good candidates for Invisalign if they have:

  • Gapped teeth. 

  • Overbite, underbite, open bite, or crossbite. 

  • An overly crowded smile. 

Over time, Invisalign helps Woodland Hills and Calabasas patients gently change the alignment of their teeth. Dr. Solow provides a new aligner every few weeks until treatment is complete. Because the trays are removable, patients can eat the foods they want, participate in activities that other orthodontics might not permit, and remove their Invisalign for special occasions. 

Dr. Solow’s Approach to Invisalign

invisalign_01bVisit Dr. Solow’s practice for a general dental examination. As part of your appointment, Dr. Solow will review the state of your teeth, evaluate their alignment, and, in younger patients, look for healthy and proper development.

If you might benefit from Invisalign and are interested in the treatment, Dr. Solow will:

  • Take X-rays, pictures, and impressions of your teeth. 

  • Develop a treatment plan, including the length of time and number of aligners required to get the smile you want. 

  • Coordinate with Invisalign to have your customized aligners created.

You will wear your aligners throughout the day but can remove them to eat, brush, and floss. The standard is to change aligners every two weeks so that the teeth can shift gradually into place. Adult treatment time is variable while the timeline for teens is similar to that of braces.

However, Dr. Solow recognizes that every patient has different needs. For example, some adults cannot wear Invisalign for the entire day, and so he develops treatment plans that extend their timeline while giving them the freedom to remove the aligners. Dr. Solow prioritizes patient comfort, care, and a high-quality result, and he is happy to create an approach that meets your needs.

Common Questions About Invisalign

Is it painful to get Invisalign?

Invisalign isn’t painful. However, you may feel some pressure against your teeth for a day or two each time you move to a more advanced aligner.

Is Invisalign comfortable to wear?

On a day-to-day basis with Invisalign, the majority of Dr. Solow’s Woodland Hills and Calabasas patients have no problems with comfort. The aligners are made of smooth, BPA-free plastic shaped to your teeth, so they don’t have the catch points that traditional braces have.

How else is Invisalign better than braces?

When you have braces, you are restricted from eating certain foods that can break the wires or become caught in the brackets. You also may have difficulty wearing a mouth- guard during athletic competitions or playing musical instruments that press against your mouth. Invisalign has none of these restrictions.

Because Invisalign is unobtrusive, you can look the way that you want for family photos, special events, and social outings. The fact that the aligners are removable also makes it easier for you to maintain proper oral health with brushing and flossing: two activities that braces make more difficult.

If you or your child might benefit from teeth straightening, visit Dr. Solow’s practice to learn more about Invisalign. Schedule an appointment in the Woodland Hills and Calabasas area online or by phone at (818) 999-0104.