You can’t schedule for an emergency, but when it happens it’s nice to know you can count on your favorite dental practice to be there for you.   Emergency dental care is just one more of the general dentistry services you and your family can expect.  So when the sports injury, bike mishap, or fall from a swing leaves someone in your family in pain, please call us as soon as possible.

If you call outside of normal office hours, you’ll hear a message directing you what to do in case of an emergency.  Usually, Woodland Hills are be able to get an emergency appointment that same day.  Call as soon as you can, because the sooner a damaged tooth can be treated, the better your chance of successful treatment.  For non-dental emergencies, or when you are unable to reach us, immediately seek care at the closest emergency room.



Aside from regular cleanings and examinations, most dentists leave room in their schedules for emergency procedures.  They also provide contact numbers for after-hours dental emergencies, which could include lost, loose, or fractured teeth.  Here are some guidelines on how to react in the case of common dental emergencies.

A lost or knocked-out tooth requires immediate emergency dental attention.  If addressed properly and quickly enough, the tooth can most likely be reinserted and saved by a dentist.  When a tooth is knocked out, it is important never to handle the root (bottom) of that tooth.  Rinse the tooth gently and try to place back in the socket, trying to bite down to make sure it is fully inserted.  If the tooth cannot be replaced into the socket, the best thing to do is to soak the tooth in milk until a dentist can be reached.

If a tooth is simply loose or has been knocked out of alignment, it is still important to make an emergency dental appointment immediately.  Try to put the tooth back in place using a finger and very light pressure, and bite down to keep the tooth from further shifting before receiving the attention of a dentist.

If a tooth is severely chipped, cracked, or broken to the extent that it causes pain, this is a dental emergency.  In some Woodland Hills and Calabasas patients, the damaged tooth can be saved with a filling or perhaps a crown if addressed quickly enough by a dentist.  In the meantime, clean the mouth by gently rinsing with water and apply a cold compress to the face if the fracture is a result of facial trauma.  Use acetaminophen to alleviate pain, but never use a topical dental anesthetic, which could burn gum tissue and make saving the damaged tooth impossible.  In some more severe cases, the tooth cannot be saved and should be removed immediately by a dentist.

Chipped or Broken Tooth

Woodland Hills and Calabasas patients are advise, If possible, to gather the pieces of the tooth and bring them to the office with them. To minimize exposure to a sensitive tooth, you can temporarily cover it with sugar-free gum, wax, or over-the-counter products made for this purpose. Call us.

Knocked Out Baby Tooth

When it happens, it feels like a terrible awful. A baby tooth–usually the front one, gets knocked out. It happens. Most likely, your child’s permanent teeth will probably come in just fine.

Find the missing tooth but do not try to put a baby tooth back into place. Unlike permanent ones, baby teeth can’t be reimplanted, but the dentist will want to see it. Rinse the affected area and the tooth to get rid of any debris. Store the tooth in milk, saliva, water, or an over-the-counter tooth-saving solution. Call us and bring the tooth with you.

In the office, our dentist will inspect the tooth and x-ray your child’s mouth for missing fragments, which can cause adult teeth to come in crooked. If a baby molar gets knocked out, the dentist may put in spacers to guide in future teeth.

Loose Permanent Tooth

Rinse the affected area. If it is not too painful to do so, try to shift the tooth into its correct position. Try not to wiggle the tooth much and stick to eating soft liquid like foods. Call us at our office in the Woodland Hills and Calabasas area.

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

If a permanent tooth is knocked out, first find the missing tooth. Rinse the affected area and the tooth to get rid of any debris. If you can, replace the tooth in its normal position. If not, store the tooth in milk, saliva, water, or an over-the-counter tooth-saving solution. Call us as soon as possible and bring the tooth with you.

For more information, call Dr. Solow’s office in the Woodland Hills and Calabasas area at (818) 999-0104!